Always resetting to Live time

This appears to be an issue with the system we have to use to get data about the flight.  When reading the data, the sim resets the time based on the flight settings without being instructed to do ...


Checking for Stripr Compatibility

This article doesn't apply to the Steam version of MSFS. Did you install MSFS a long ago? You sim might be installed the old (legacy) way. Stripr REQUIRES a "modern" MS Store installation. All newe...


Converting my sim install from Legacy to Modern

Open the Xbox App Go to your Settings (via your profile picture) Go to General Make sure Game install options are correctly configured to receive the new simulator files. While 157Gb of availab...


How do i find the MSFS executable?

Open Task Manager Go in the Details section Find/Search for FlightSimulator.exe Right-click to open the contextual menu Click on Open file location If nothing happens when you click Open fil...


📌 How do I install Stripr?

Stripr is a windows application (.exe) and DOES NOT go in the Community Folder. Unzip the Stripr download from our store. Quit the Simulator Move Stripr Configurator.exe to a desi...

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