42 is the answer.

Why Parallel 42? It was the exact middle point between where Edson & Keven lived at the time of company inception. It all started with a chat after Cheesecake Factory; the rest is history. This is the team that builds the products you've come to love!

Edson Soriano

Managing Director

In posession of Microsoft Flight Simulator X on Floppy Disks, Edson is a simmer at heart. You can often catch him streaming LIVE on TheSkyLounge.TV and using CTRL-E to start his planes.

Keven Ménard

Technical Director

He obsesses over poorly rounded corners and anything that isn't perfectly centered. Keven is in his happy place coding into the night under the soft glow of his 42 Nanoleafs while eating chicken strips.

Jessica Renna


Keven is color blind, and Edson calls a rectangle a "long square." It quickly became apparent that a true artist was needed on the team. Jess is the brain behind Studio 42 KC and many works of art at //42. She wants you to know that It's not flat black; it's matte black.


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  • Raul Morales
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