My .ZIP file icons have changed and I want them back.

This is a result of windows changing the default program use for compressed files. Its very simple to change back: - Right click on the zip file. - Select "Properties" - Next to "Opens with: "S...


📌 How do I use Simstaller?

Join TwoToneMurphy for a quick tutorial on using Simstaller by //42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator! This utility is a MUST-HAVE if you download content from community sites like and ot...


⚠️ I see potential conflicts, now what?

The goal of Simstaller is knowledge and awareness of what's happening in your sim. Not all file overrides are bad. As noted in our VFS explanation, file overrides are the foundation of how MSFS's s...


MSFS's VFS system

The Virtual File System (VFS) in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) is like a big organizer for all the game's files. Imagine it as a big library where everything the game needs – like aircraft, sce...

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