FreedomFox / Fox2

List of control bindings

Here is a list of control bindings that relate to the controls you will find in the cockpit.   Start Power TOGGLE ENGINE MASTER 1 (A:RECIP ENG ENGINE MASTER SWITCH:1, bool) (K:ENGINE_MASTER_1_TOGG...

FreedomFox / Fox2

How to reattach doors

So you've blown off the doors in flight? Land Set parking brake Turn off your engine Doors are brought back!   Enjoy!

FreedomFox / Fox2

List of click-spots

Note: Some click spots will change the payload state of the aircraft. Due to an MSFS bug, those changes are not updated visually in the payload panel. Pilot seat cushion Toggles the pilot model see...

FreedomFox / Fox2

📌 How do I install FreedomFox / Fox2?

FreedomFox / Fox2 installs directly into the Community Folder. * We don't recommend or support using on/off add-on management tools with FreedomFox / Fox2. A direct install is ideal. Unzip the dow...

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