FreedomFox / Fox2

List of click-spots

Note: Some click spots will change the payload state of the aircraft. Due to an MSFS bug, those changes are not updated visually in the payload panel.

Pilot seat cushion

Toggles the pilot model seen from the outside. The pilot cannot be hidden if the engine is running.

Co-pilot seat cushion

Toggles between an empty seat, a flight bag (8lbs) and a co-pilot (170lbs)

ALT circuit breaker

Toggles One Wheel under the right wing (Adds 29lbs to the payload).

E-Power circuit breaker

Toggles the engine cover.

Back-seat luggages

Toggles the tent under the left wing. Starting the engine will pack it back.

Door latches

The latch at the bottom of the door on either side of the cockpit will open the doors. They are affected by wind so don't leave them open at high speed!

How to reattach doors

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