How do I start Flow? I don't see the Flow Tutorial.

Install Flow per the instructions found HERE. Launch the Simulator Load into any airport, Flow will auto-launch the Onboarding Tutorial. IF Flow does not launch the Onboarding Tutorial, check to ...


Flow in VR shows up on a "Virtual Desktop"

It's required that Flow run in a "panel" state, so let's look at that like a virtual desktop of sorts. We've enhanced the experience as best as we can to where that "desktop" fades away and allows ...


⚠️ The simulator version is higher than the version...

"The simulator version is higher than the version Flow has been tested on. This might break some features or Flow entirely." This message may appear if you have opted for beta builds or if there is...


Cockpit interactions using Cursor Mode is broken when Flow is active.

We've been notified by some users that cockpit interactions when using the controller Cursor is broken when Flow is active. Workaround: Disabling Flow from the default sim Toolbar fixes the issue....


How do I edit the Flow Wheel

Simply click and hold any of the tiles, just like you would do with app icons on your phone.


How to open the Flow Wheel?

The Wheel uses the HELP MENU assignment to display/hide the Wheel. It can be found and configured in the sim's control settings. TAB is the default keyboard assignment  Left thumbstick click is ...


Getting started on Xbox

Welcome to this quick guide on how to get started with Flow Essentials on Xbox. To open the Flow wheel, simply press the left thumbstick. To customize the wheel, point to any of the tiles and hol...


📌 How do I install Flow?

Flow (all versions) install directly into the Community Folder. * We don't recommend or support using on/off add-on management tools with Flow. A direct install is ideal. Unzip the download from o...

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