📌 How do I install Flow?

Flow (all versions) install directly into the Community Folder.

* We don't recommend or support using on/off add-on management tools with Flow. A direct install is ideal.

  1. Unzip the download from our store.
  2. Quit the Simulator
  3. Confirm extracted folder matches 1 of the 3 applicable versions:
    p42-util-flow / p42-util-flow-essentials / p42-util-flow-pro
  4. Move the appropriate flow add-on folder into the "Community Folder"

    Microsoft Store version

    Steam version
    %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

    If you installed the simulator to a custom location, you need to go to that location and look for the Community folder there. For example, if you installed it to D:\Games\MSFS, the Community folder is here: D:\Games\MSFS\Community
  5. Launch the Simulator
  6. Load into any airport, Flow will auto-launch the Onboarding Tutorial

      * IF the tutorial doesn't auto-start, please see the following Wiki article HERE.

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