⚠️ I see potential conflicts, now what?

The goal of Simstaller is knowledge and awareness of what's happening in your sim. Not all file overrides are bad. As noted in our VFS explanation, file overrides are the foundation of how MSFS's system works, without it some of your favorite mods like Flow wouldn't exist!

Overrides are cause for concern when you identify an issue in your sim such as fonts that look weird, avionics that are acting up, VFX such as lighting that seems "off", and more. This is where that knowledge is power, Simstaller will clearly outline which add-ons you should consider disabling as you try and identify the culprit.


Here are a few ways you can deal with the overrides and potential conflicts you will find in the VFS Report.

⚠️• With Warning Icon 

Some potential conflicts are marked by a warning sign and message. Those indicate file overrides that have the potential to affect your entire simulator. We've categorized these into common issues. Here are a few ways you can deal with these confirmed conflicts:

  1. Ignore it. Some overrides are totally correct and expected. Some core files may need to be overridden to provide extra functionality or to modify a behavior of the sim, leading to such notice. Example: Flow is a menu utility, and as such, it is designed to replace existing menu UI elements, it will come up as a "conflict" but it's one you expect!
  2. Notify/Ask the developer about those files by creating/exporting a report and sending it to them. Often times, the developers aren't aware of the impact some of their development practices have on the simulator as a whole. Letting them know would be a nice gesture and could lead to an update fixing the issue, if there is one.
  3. Uninstall it. If the marked files are causing issues, you can remove the offending package from your simulator.

Without Warning Icon

Some file overrides may show in the Overview section without a warning notice. Those are meant to be informational, and the package likely isn't causing issues.

In Closing

Knowing is half the battle, and prior to Simstaller, you likely had no idea about how many add-ons battled over a single font or light FX file. Utilize your newfound knowledge to troubleshoot issues that have been plaguing your sim, or if there are none, just carry on!


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