Checking for Stripr Compatibility

This article doesn't apply to the Steam version of MSFS.

Did you install MSFS a long ago? You sim might be installed the old (legacy) way.

Stripr REQUIRES a "modern" MS Store installation.

All newer MS Store purchases place core games files (including FlightSimulator.exe) outside of a previously encrypted ecosystem. Let's call these "modern" installs. This change happened back with the introduction of the Xbox app into our ecosystem.

Legacy (Encrypted) Install

You CAN convert from a "legacy" install to "modern" by following the steps bellow. We want to emphasize that Microsoft itself encourages this transition, as it's the new norm.

We understand that change can be unsettling and respect your comfort level. If you find yourself uncomfortable with this particular change, please refrain from purchasing Stripr at this time.

Modern (Unencrypted) Install

If you have access to your FlightSimulator executable and the files around it, Your install is compatible with Stripr.

How to check if my install is legacy or modern?
  1. Open the Xbox App on Windows.

  2. Find and open the MSFS product page from "My Library"

  3. Click the 3 dots next to the green Play button.

  4. Click on "Manage".

  5. Under "General", look for a section called "Advanced management features".
    • if you DO see it, you have a Legacy (Encrypted) install.
    • If you DON'T see it, you have a Modern (Unencrypted) install.

How do I convert my install?

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