DISPATCH: December 31, 2023

DISPATCH: December 31, 2023

Parallel 42 offers solutions to give users the most immersive flight simulation experiences on Lockheed Martin & Microsoft Flight Simulators.


Here are some critical posts / product updates you may have missed...

📢 Shout Outs

This month, we celebrate our newest team member, Bill Womack's first //42 release of Cheat River Island! This strip is iconic in the world of backcountry fly-ins, and there was no one better suited to make it come alive with all the vibes of the real event. The release has been a tremendous success, and it's lovely to see so many people enjoying the work that went into this beautiful West Virginia strip. I've been friends with Bill for a long time; working with him has always been something I strived for; we're so lucky to have achieved this goal in 2023. You'll love what we've got coming for ya in 2024!

🏆 Achievements

Just when I thought all my presents for the year were unwrapped... Parallel 42 receives "Best Utility Add-On (Stripr)" & "Editors' Choice Innovation In Flight Simulation Award" by This is a MAJOR award from a well respected FlightSim News website.

Initially perceived as a modest addition, Stripr has surpassed expectations with its outstanding performance on the utility stage. We always believed in its potential as an underrated gem, and it's gratifying to see it gain such high-level acclaim!

Regarding being called Innovators, I've said this before, and I'll say it again: we're not afraid to be a majority of one. While not everyone initially welcomed products like the Juice Goose, Stripr, or our scenes, most now see the bigger picture. A sincere thanks to all who continue to show us love and support as we tapdance through product lines!

🎙️ Hype

Late one evening, we were browsing Twitch and came across SkyCommand chatting about the Juice Goose; he then shared some thoughts about us as a company. His thoughts were filled with praise, and receiving such recognition from a respected streamer was incredibly affirming. It reinforced the value of our work and strongly validated our company's direction in the flight sim industry. But don't take our word for it...

“Parallel 42 is a glimpse of the future of our flight sim community.” SkyCommand


🙏 Asks

No asks at this time. We'll see what develops in 2024!

🖥 Products

FreedomFox / Fox2 Complete: A significant update covering several product features is in progress. This will be a free update and will include a new variant.

Desert Oasis Scene: Trent's property recently got a new hangar IRL. However, we're not rushing to recreate this hangar as it's constantly evolving. When Trent settles in, and we know it is the way it'll stay, we'll begin active work on an update for the scenery with Trents assistance. We've already got all the plans!

Flow: An update for Flow will come in early 2024, further leaning it out for consoles. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series S has become overrun by excessive resource demands from sim updates and poorly optimized products since our initial release. In the past month, we've had to update our Marketplace product description to emphasize these warnings and also made a business decision to warn Series S users about purchasing Flow Essentials.

However, our reports indicate that many Series S users continue to utilize it without issue; each environment is unique! Since the Xbox doesn't have any kind of resource monitor, people are out there playing with deadly cocktails of add-ons that cause CTD's and/or ABO's. I hope this is something Microsoft addresses in due time.

Campout: An update is slated for 2024. Remember when I said we'd keep an eye on platform advancements? Well, there may be a path to a new multiplayer experience on the horizon.

Simstaller: Imagine the simplification of MSFS add-on installs and the ability to identify conflicts between imagine this being freeware. Yea, we're not quite done innovating yet, see ya in 2024!

Red Bluff Trails system: This scene will deliver over 100 drivable miles in Red Bluff, CA, and connect multiple //42 scenes on the ground. An incredible way to explore the area while adding value to scenes you already own!

Immersion: The first offering in this product line is in active testing by Area 42 staff. It's a massive project; lots can go wrong if bugs go unnoticed, so please continue to be patient. It'll only see the light when we know it's just right.

Prepar3D New development remains frozen, and the number of active users continues to drop.

🎯 Strategy

Strategy can take many forms; sometimes, it's new products, directions, optimizations, a change of course, and it could also be removing products from a pipeline. Strategy can be applied at a high level in many other ways, but the takeaway is that good decisions help us succeed by providing a clear direction and focus. It helps us decide where to use resources effectively and how to stand out from competitors.

This November, the team gathered at HQ in Kansas City to make tough decisions. The outcome of sessions like these keeps our company on track toward its goals, ensuring we don't waste time or money on things that don't help us grow while focusing on the things that provide significant benefits.

While we can't fully disclose all internal topics, some merit public notice.

The Skypark: A public release is expected in 2024 that will bring the PAX experience and a completely rebuilt UI. As many are aware from various FlightSimExpo interviews, the announcement of MSFS2024, and new information on the platform have directly affected the project scope. Many things on our whiteboard got crossed off as they no longer make sense to develop. By sticking to our core features, we keep the product streamlined, avoiding the clutter of unnecessary extras. "Wouldn't it be cool if's" often lead to complexity, not improvements. I'm excited about honing in and seeing the product become more focused and effective at it's goal as a simple flight concept generator.

FreedomFox Mod Manager: This mod manager will be retired. "Mods" will be bundled with the aircraft and/or available for download on our site.

Cabri G2 Liveries Pack: This product will be available exclusively thru the MSFS Marketplace and has now been pulled from other shops.

Airwolf (Cpt. Airwolf partnership): This project has been canceled.

T-50 Bobcat (Milviz partnership): This project has been canceled.

Alongside the above, 3 other unannounced projects have been canceled & removed from the pipeline. 

🏋 Challenges

None at this time.

📈 Stonks

Stonks continue to move in the right direction. Parallel 42 has seen significant growth this year, and we expect to see even more in 2024. Did you rate our products 5⭐ in the Microsoft Marketplace yet!? Thanks! It helps.

👋 Feedback?

If you have feedback on any of the above updates, please click the button below to drop your thoughts in our #dispatch-feedback channel at the official //42 Discord. Think of it like a suggestion box, no one else can see your thoughts, but we read them all.

📨 Dispatch Feedback

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