UPDATE: Cheat River Island, previously known as 42CHT, transitions to WVCH

UPDATE: Cheat River Island, previously known as 42CHT, transitions to WVCH

Hello Captain,

Cheat Island River's current airport identifier, previously known as 42CHT, is transitioning to WVCH.

To clarify, Asobo generally refers to any "Airport Identifier" as an ICAO code. While recognized ICAO codes consist of 4 characters, many Airport Identifiers exceed this limit, including some already in the sim.

We had the innovative idea of adopting a 5-character approach to expand our options for naming scenes. Extensive testing across various aspects of the sim, including GPS units & various aircraft, confirmed support for 5-character identifiers. We made the educated decision to move forward with the shift.

The //42 Direct launch has been a big success, exceeding our expectations, and there have been no reported issues from users. We were also staged to launch on Orbx, and then Microsoft provided feedback on our submission...

In short, while the simulator does support 5-character identifiers, Microsoft's Marketplace ingestion processes do not. This limitation prevented us from submitting 42CHT, and they could not process it either.

While there are potential "workarounds", they don't align with our preferred method of development. Following official process ensures our offerings age well alongside the evolving simulator, while also keeping our support queue empty. Therefore, Cheat Island River's current airport identifier will change from 42CHT to WVCH.

I guess you can say 4 is like the Goldilocks of numbers—it's just right. So back to 4 we go!


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