RELEASE: 56WV Cheat River Island Scene for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: 56WV Cheat River Island Scene for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Captain,

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to welcome the legendary scenery designer, Bill Womack (iBlueYonder), to our team. Our journey with Bill began long ago, where an immediate connection revealed a shared passion for enjoying immersive scenes in the world of flight simulation. At that time there was no //42!

Bill's trailblazing work in the days of Prepar3D, crafting meticulously detailed and vibrant landscapes amidst bustling mega airports, directly inspired our path today. The Herons Nest by iBlueYonder, a timeless masterpiece, perfectly aligns with our vision and sets the stage for an exciting future of scenic excellence.

With his creativity on board, we are excited to expand our projects to new heights, producing some of the worlds most popular fly-in locations.

 The first of these new scenes is available today.

56WV Cheat River Island

An island strip located off the Cheat River in West Virginia.

Nestled amidst the Allegheny Mountains and home to seasonal Cheat River Fly-Ins. This isn't your average airstrip—it's perched on a river island, and getting there is a pilot's thrill ride. Oh, and watch out for fog and tricky weather, but that's all part of the adventure, right!?

When you're not up in the air, you can camp out, chill by the Cheat River, go cruising in a UTV, or try an adrenaline-pumping zipline. It's back-to-basics here, so expect basic amenities and forget about good cell service.

Experience the beauty of West Virginia's undulating landscape, which bursts with vibrant colors during the fall season. Cheat River Island is more than just an airstrip; it's the perfect place for camping with the versatile //42 Campout Utility or embarking on a leisurely cruise in your //42 Juice Goose UTV.


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