Juice Goose

UPDATE: Juice Goose now optimized for crazier repaints, and more!

UPDATE: Juice Goose now optimized for crazier repaints, and more!

Hello drivers,

We've seen the community painting some really trick stuff for the Juice Goose and it's awesome. However, we quickly noticed that you didn't have enough spots for decals, so we went back to the drawing board on the decal sheet. These vehicles are typically covered in trail decals, branding, custom wraps, and more.

The entire vehicle is now wrapped in a beautiful decal sheet which allows you to place stickers just about anywhere and even take it further with trick decals that illuminate.

Additionally we have shifted the QuikFlip cup over to it's own texture sheet, allowing you to customize it to a McDonalds cup holding the most perfect Coca-Cola mixture known to mankind.

The update also includes a few other things listed in the changelog below.


  • Yellow Livery Added, Bumblebee anyone!?
  • Optimized full vehicle decal sheet for repaints
  • Updated vehicle title in MSFS Vehicle Selection menu
  • Added standalone cup texture for max customization


  • Reduce "shine" on interior surfaces.
  • Eliminated the ability for flashlight mods to alter headlight color


  • Updated vehicle title in MSFS Browser to reflect Juice Goose as manufacturer, repainters take note!
  • Removed rogue test track ICAO from included scene.

Let's see some examples!?

5 Minutes for a n00b...

5 Minutes for a pro...

5 Minutes of stupidity...

5 Minutes of creativity...

Now go, create!


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