RELEASE: FREE Fontwell Park Racetrack for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: FREE Fontwell Park Racetrack for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Driver,

Hot off the success of the Juice Goose release we're bringing you some additional fun. Community member Baracus approached us with a project that we just couldn't say no to, so after working together we're excited to release it to you as FREEWARE! While this package won't be available right away for Xbox, we do expect to bundle it with another offering in the future.

This very light track is a perfect spot to gather with friends for some figure-8 racing action. The track also features beautiful night lighting for extra colorful nights with your custom LED setups!

ATVFT Fontwell Park Racetrack

A racetrack scene located in the village of Fontwell, England.

This prestigious horse-racing track, revered for its rich history and adrenaline-pumping races, has been ingeniously reimagined for an unprecedented off-road racing experience.

Prepare for a racing event unlike any you've experienced in Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Juice Goose UTV!

The Figure-8 Fury: At the core of the racetrack lies a meticulously designed figure-8 track. This challenging layout tests the limits of both driver and vehicle, promising high-voltage action at every turn.

Concrete 'Juice Boost Pads': Strategically placed for maximum excitement, these unique boost pads offer an electrifying surge of speed, propelling the Juice Goose to breathtaking velocities.

Night Racing: As the sun sets, the track comes alive with night lighting. The custom LED lighting on each Juice Goose UTV illuminates the track, creating a dazzling display of colors that transform the race session into an unforgettable nocturnal adventure.

Sky-High Jumps: Not one but two auxiliary jumps are integrated into the track. While they are not part of the main Figure 8 configuration. These jumps are there as a testament to the daring spirit of Juice Goose drivers.

Community Spirit: This event isn't just about racing; it's a celebration of community, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of fun in our simulator. It's a spectacle where the whine of electric motors and laughter with friends merge into a symphony of memories.


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