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Campout Utility

An add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that allows you to take camping equipment on board any aircraft. Set up camp anywhere you want to call home for a night…or week. It's not scenery; it's live & dynamic object placement and management, all via an in-sim menu system.

This unique add-on provides an opportunity to combine the serenity and beauty of flying with the peaceful vibes of camping. When you find that special spot in the world, you want to make your own; you'll know exactly why flying is optional.

  • Works with ANY aircraft, ANYWHERE
  • Yes, even helicopters!
  • Built following current MSFS SDK Standards
  • Optimized for XBOX controller use
  • Pack/Unpack button for quick management of items in proximity
  • Sets allow you to create & save custom campouts per aircraft
  • Worldwide object persistence (time limited)
  • Eco Credit system to manage in-sim "littering."
  • Intelligent purging system(s) to protect sim performance
  • In-sim management of complete product/features
  • Over a dozen placeable core objects, variations/options when applicable
  • Wind-reactive objects include Tents, Portable Windsock & Smoke Canisters
  • 18 popular dog breeds to choose from and place in the open world.
  • 14 winter camping objects.
  • 13 Halloween props for creepy campsites!
  • Additional themed objects to be released.
  • Oddly satisfying sounds when placing objects.
  • Custom sounds for key objects such as campfires.
  • Share system allows you to share campouts with friends
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