FREEWARE: Simstaller, the Ultimate Installation Utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FREEWARE: Simstaller, the Ultimate Installation Utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Welcome to the dawn of a new year, a fresh chapter overflowing with potential and excitement! As we step into this year, we're not just turning a page on the calendar; we're leaping forward with innovation and passion. It's my absolute joy to kick off 2024 with a groundbreaking announcement that sets the tone for a year of //42 achievements.

Today, we unveil 'Simstaller' – our latest creation that's not just an add-on installation tool, but a revolution! And here's the best part – it's absolutely FREE!

So why is it a revolution? Because we've also built in conflict scanning. The Virtual File System (VFS) in MSFS is a key part of our experience, and add-ons are overwriting core files, each other, and causing chaos in our sims. It's time for developer bad practices to stop, time for us to take control of our installs, and we're going to help televise the revolution with this tool and its ability to create reports. You'll now be able to see WHO is doing WHAT with every single add-on.


The Ultimate Installation Utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Experience effortless installation and identification of add-on conflicts with Simstaller. A revolutionary utility designed exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this lightweight Windows application operates seamlessly outside of your sim space, ensuring unnoticeable resource usage.

What started off as a tool for customers who buy directly from our store evolved into a community-wide offering that's a MUST-HAVE if you download from community sites like and others. Installations are now a breeze, whether you want to manually handle them or allow Simstaller to monitor a directory of your choice for new add-ons to install automatically.

Identify conflicts! In Microsoft Flight Simulator, add-ons can clash, leading to issues like overriding core assets or other unintended game modifications. Simstaller's innovative Virtual File System (VFS) scan feature swiftly detects these conflicts. Whether it's odd-looking fonts, VFX, or avionics issues, our tool identifies the culprits behind these overrides, empowering you with the knowledge of WHO is overwriting WHAT.

Simstaller is not just a tool; it's our commitment to improving your flight simulation experience once again.


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