UPDATE: Flow gets a colorwheel, & Otto can now change sim settings, LIVE!

UPDATE: Flow gets a colorwheel, & Otto can now change sim settings, LIVE!


Xbox users, thanks for the overwhelming welcome onto your consoles! We notice some unique ways you use Flow, mainly the desire to keep the Position Widget open at all times.

We acknowledge that performance may decrease over time depending on the mods you have installed/used by keeping it open & are working on an update. Stay tuned; we want your 5-star ratings!

The feedback received has highlighted areas for improvement, including the issue of color selection. Hex codes, commonly familiar to PC users, may not be as intuitive for console users. Although the decision was straightforward, the implementation posed significant challenges. However, a color wheel ultimately proved to be the solution. How about that, a wheel saving the day once more!


✅ Available today via //42 Direct: https://Parallel42.com

 Check the release status across all other platforms: https://Parallel42.com/pages/is-it-out



  • Sim Settings (Pro) You can now change your sim settings from Flow. Get and set sim settings from your wheel or by using Otto. > In Otto, try typing "trees" and see what happens!
  • Color Picker (Pro/Essentials) Added a color picker to the nameplate settings. You can now choose a color without requiring knowledge of HEX color codes.
  • Auto-Start Flow (Pro/Essentials) A new setting was introduced that allows you to enable/disable auto-start of Flow when you begin a flight. This can be found in Flow Settings > Interface. Ideal for VR users.
  • Added a few APIs for script creators (Pro) You can now get and set sim settings from your widgets. > command.get_sim_settings() > command.get_sim_setting(id) > command.set_sim_setting_select(id, index) > command.set_sim_setting_range(id, value) > Read more at https://parallel42.com/flowdoc


  • Performance improvements in Otto (Pro) The search will delay for a few milliseconds when trying to avoid unnecessary searches.
  • GSX Panel Compatibility Improved (All)
  • Toolbar Pushback Compatibility Improved (All) Built workaround for 3rd party dev not following MSFS panel standards.


  • Resolved Issue where Xbox controller buttons would be too sensitive when repeating.(All)

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