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Scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. They are also perfect places to play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of plane camping space.

Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each scene.

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42CE - Coyote Estate

An airstrip located on private property in Red Bluff, CA.

Located just off the Sacramento River in Red Bluff, California, discover the legendary Coyote Estate. Rumored to belong to a very private local entrepreneur and upstanding citizen, it offers colonial elegance, tropical allure, and exclusive amenities.

Coyote Estate boasts a private airstrip, helipad, and seamless river access via nearby sandbars. This discreet location is perfect for those seeking maximum privacy and convenience, allowing for efficient transport of goods.

Delight in a plethora of recreational facilities, including a private treehouse, a nearby campground maintained by the county, a tranquil man-made lake with watercraft, and a luxurious swimming pool.

  • Runways: 1x 968ft dirt strip, well maintained
  • Helipads: 1x asphalt pad
  • Permitted Aircraft: Only STOL and helicopters are recommended.
  • Approach Considerations: The strip is short; please note wind direction by doing an inspection pass. Obstacles also surround Helipad.
  • Approach Cautions: Landing from the South, caution power lines. Landing from the North, caution treeline.
  • Runway Lighting: Yes. Solar & on a timer. 3m OFF / 2m ON
  • Helipad Lighting: Yes. Solar & on a timer. 3m OFF / 2m ON
  • Windsock: Yes, portable. Located at both strip and helipad.
  • Parking: Plenty
  • Amenities: ATV/UTV trail access, dedicated camping areas, fishing, swimming, and boating.
  • Trails: Direct access to Red Bluff Trails (Sold separately) Ideal for the //42 Juice Goose.
  • Services: Restrooms, Cell Service, Wine Vault, Printing Services.
  • Objects on or near the runway contain collision boxes.
  • Barrel markers at the end of the runway contain collision boxes.
  • Power Lines at the end of the runway are collidable.
  • Challenging approaches.
  • Custom terraforming to better resemble the region as it is IRL.
  • Grounds enhanced with our TrailBlazer tech.
  • Custom 3D library of on-ground assets.
  • Custom Vegetation assets.
  • Fully modeled property interior.
  • Custom night lighting includes estate, landscape and night-ops lanterns at loading zones.
  • Includes Micro-scene at local Coyote Pond recreational area.
  • Includes Micro-scene at the river loading dock.
  • Includes Micro-scene at the custom treehouse
  • Includes bonus sandbar landing area in the vicinity, no ICAO.
  • Perfect stop on NORCAL bush trip adventures.
  • A scenic area surrounded by hills, rivers, sandbars & low valleys.
  • Can you spot the Fed?
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