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Scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. They are also perfect places to play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of plane camping space.

Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each scene.

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42BH - Bluffers Hill

A grass strip located in Tehama County, California.

Welcome to Bluffers Hill – Where the Stakes are High, and the Bluffs are Real! Just a 35nm flight from 42HB Hogsback Ranch. Roll the dice as you attempt to land on this dangerous sloped grass runway. With no safe option for a go-around, Bluffers Hill dares you to take on the odds. Don't forget to explore the surrounding bluffs and sandbars as well; who knows, you might even stumble on the Hillbilly Hideout 🌿

♦️ At Bluffers Hill, we've got the diamonds; you bring the aces! Only those who feed on the thrill of a challenge will genuinely savor the triumphant feeling of conquering this little gem.

  • Runways: 1x 583ft grass strip, no maintenance
  • Helipads: 1x grass pad, no maintenance
  • Approach Considerations: Aggressively sloped/short runway.
  • Approach Cautions: Depth/distance perception will be your enemy.
  • Notices: STOL aircraft only, Helicopters OK
  • Lighting: N/A
  • Windsock: N/A
  • Parking: Very Limited
  • Amenities: Dedicated camping area, fishing, dark nights.
  • Services: no restrooms, no drinking water, no weather info, no lights, no fuel. Cell service limited. None nearby.
  • Markers on or near the runway contain collision boxes.
  • Treeline at the end of the runway contains collision boxes.
  • Challenging approach onto a short and narrow hillside strip.
  • Custom terraforming to better resemble the region as it is IRL
  • Custom 3D library of on-ground assets.
  • Beautiful lake scene just down the hill from camp.
  • Perfect stop on Northern California Backcountry bush trip adventures.
  • Scenic area surrounded by bluffs and hilltops perfect for exploration.
  • Includes Bonus Strip: "Hillbilly Hideout" in the vicinity. No ICAO.
  • Can you find the bear?
  • Can you find the map to Hillbilly Hideout?🌿
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