ANNOUNCING: This Halloween, an invite to 42CL Camp Crystal Lake…if you dare.

ANNOUNCING: This Halloween, an invite to 42CL Camp Crystal Lake…if you dare.

Hello again!

Friday the 13th turned 42 this year! I was only three years old when the original film was released, but I’ll never forget watching it with my cousins. Let’s just say I was not ready for what I saw and may or may not have hidden behind a sofa. To this day, I am not a fan of horror movies; they stick in my brain and combined with vivid dreams, it’s nightmare fuel!

However, I’m not known to hide from a great opportunity. So here we go…

From the creators of Sharktooth Ridge. One company, One twisted team, invites you to 42CL Camp Crystal Lake. You know the name; you’ve heard the story. This Halloween, prepare for the day everyone fears.

Camp Crystal Lake is to Jason what Elm St. is to Freddy Kreuger. On a stormy night in 1980, 12 friends were killed. Why should 2022 be any different? It’s rumored that Jason was eventually buried on site…and yearly, some of the most infamous will gather on the grounds to celebrate his life.

Horror has many faces, death wears many different masks, but pure evil wears only one. And this is your chance to see it in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Prepare your drones. Will you find Jason dead or alive?

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. The one you’ve been asking for. The one you’ve been dying for. But don’t take our word for it!

“Sensational!” — FlightSimCon

“An Immersive Masterpiece.” — AirDailyX

“Halloween in MSFS will never be the same!” — FSX Guru

“NOPE! Which way is the nearest hotel!?” — OMGEDSON

FREE for a limited time on 10/28/2022

via Orbx, & exclusively on PC.

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