UPDATE: Campout Utility Receives New Items, Including Aircraft & More!

UPDATE: Campout Utility Receives New Items, Including Aircraft & More!

Hello Campers!

The creation and release of Campout has been a wild ride, and we’re excited to get to our first object update. This batch pretty much rounds out what will be the “default set.” From here, we’ll shift into the themed packs we discussed at launch. We’re not going to put a stake in the ground for any specific sets beyond something with a bit of camo and something for a more upscale experience, but expect these updates in the future!

About that wild ride, we’ve seen someone camp out all night on a live stream and received emails from avid campers saying this is “the most incredible thing ever!” With the sim, hikers could now get to areas they’ve only ever dreamed of visiting. Heck, we’ve even watched a creator poop on the concept, only to buy it and then say THIS IS F’ING INCREDIBLE MAN! By the way, that happened all in one session while we sat there watching from the shadows of Twitch. It’s been a series of interesting experiences — nothing like launching a plane or scenery.

But let’s talk pricing…

Until release, we didn’t even know if Microsoft would let us into the Marketplace or what category we’d end up in if they did. Ultimately Campout got in. The launch went incredibly well, and sales are very strong, but something still bothered us. Campout stood out like a sore thumb pricing-wise in an entirely new category of the flight sim marketplace (World/Environment), and that’s not where we want to be as a company. Therefore, in our yearly 3rd quarter review of products and their pricing, adjustments were made to many of our offerings, including Campout, to better align with market trends.

To those who bought early, we are thankful for the support you have given us with the launch of //42 Campout; we aren’t always going to be perfect with pricing, but we hope never to miss the mark this way again. If this price adjustment upsets you, please open a line of communication with us via our Support System and give us a chance to make it right. If you’re supportive of the shift, thank you. Making Campout accessible to more users will only give you more friends to experience the magic with.

This new update is exciting; I won’t bore you with more words; let’s dive in!


✅ Available today via //42 Direct: https://Parallel42.com

 Check the release status across all other platforms: https://Parallel42.com/pages/is-it-out

faux king bear rug



  • Button for color randomization when placing objects.
  • A collection of new placeable objects!
  • Select default sim aircraft now pleaceable
  • Outcamp Folding Table w/options
  • Outcamp Canopy w/options
  • Outcamp Sleeping Bags
  • Outcamp Hammocks
  • Vinzenz Jerry Cans
  • Home Peepot Bucket
  • Lux TP Rolls
  • Faux King Bear Rug


  • Optimized speed of worldwide object checks on UI load
  • Eco Credits increased to 300 thanks to new optimizations
  • Increased Proximity Ring size for better experience packing/unpacking
  • Various UI tweaks


  • Resizing fix for some (4K) users
  • Fixed possible WASM timeout issue w/object properties

//42 Campout Utility is available via Orbx: http://orbx.to/campout
or Marketplace on PC*. SEARCH: Campout Utility

* Xbox ready, but Asobo needs to fix WASM; we deploy as soon as they do.

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//42 bucket and tp

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