RELEASE: Campout Utility lands on Xbox, but there are some differences!

RELEASE: Campout Utility lands on Xbox, but there are some differences!

Hello Campers!

We’re excited to report that Campout Utility will be live on Xbox tonight! (PC update too) This incredibly immersive addon has been available on PC for some time; if you want to learn more about its core features, CLICK HERE.

While an Xbox release is a milestone, there are some differences exclusive to the console. Despite our efforts over several months, we were unable to resolve all of them. However, we remain committed to finding solutions and believe that future updates may address any remaining discrepancies.

As far as we know, we’re the first 3rd party panel on Xbox with our functionality requirements. This brings us some unique quirks we now have to hope for MSsobo to resolve. Yay for pushing boundaries!

Let’s dive right into what’s different from PC.

  • No Share Codes
    Due to platform limitations, we cannot provide the sharecode concept on Xbox. This means your camps are a single-player experience. If ever this changes, it will be re-considered.
  • Controller interaction quirks
    Rapidly resizing the Campout Utility panel from the top left corner can cause a CTD. It appears the panel continuously refreshes while resizing and can overload the console. We’ve been able to replicate it and have reported it. We suggest resizing from the tab in the lower right corner when needed and limiting size adjustments. This is exclusive to using a controller!
  • UI quirks
    If you resize the Campout Utility panel, you may experience the aircraft icon flickering. If this occurs, simply recenter the aircraft using the re-center button, or resize the window again.

That’s not so bad, so what’s coming!?

In the time since its initial release, we delivered a “Best Friend” pack that brought well over a dozen canine friends into //42 Campout. Following that, just as the southern hemisphere started to experience the cruelty of winter, we delivered a Winter Pack!

The “Winter Pack” update brought 14 new objects to choose from and place in the open world. Winter camping may not appeal to everyone, but for those who enjoy it, there are some unique benefits compared to camping in other seasons.

Both the Best Friend Pack & Winter Pack are included on Xbox at release!

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