RELEASE: Cabri G2 Color Pack for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: Cabri G2 Color Pack for MSFS on PC & Xbox
Shoutout to the Xbox aviators in the back row…let’s move you to the front. The Xbox community has longed for access to more liveries and has been ignored. Now, a new aircraft has been released with 1 paint option, ONE! Does it have to be this way? Nah…

42 is the answer.

I sat and thought long and hard about how this could materialize. Working with creatives can be challenging, especially when dollar symbols enter the chat. In the past, we helped creatives distribute liveries thru our Mod Manager and were then asked to remove them when they moved on. That scenario would be out of the question for a payware pack involving financial transactions and customer expectations.

For this to work right, these must be commissioned works, not just casual arrangements. Freeware has its unknowns, or rather I should say that payware has its perks. So thru partnerships with amazing creators and distributors, we’ll bring Xbox & PC users high-quality, easy-to-install designer livery packs.

Designer eh…what makes these special? They are not created by casual enthusiasts but by a team comprised of a seasoned painter and designer when applicable. Expect gorgeous color palettes and sharp designs!

For this first pack, we partnered with a long-time friend & contributor at Parallel 42, Rockview. Rock is an established painter with hundreds of high-quality liveries under his belt. In fact, a base version of this pack is available for free at Flightsim.to. Naturally, we enriched it with a few exclusives before bringing it to market at a very fair price. These exclusives give you a preview of what you can expect from our “Designer” pack.

Our goal at Parallel 42 is to deliver simplicity plus variety.

We’ll be striking in 3 categories with our packs.

Color: Solid color pallets. Minimalism is gorgeous where applicable!
Designer: Swooshes, swirls, stripes & more. Private owned/executive styles.
Brand: When appropriate, we may sprinkle in key non-fictional operators.

Cabri G2 Color Pack

Your purchase includes 12 liveries for the Asobo / Guimbal Cabri G2.
10 Colors, 1 Designer, and 1 Branded.



  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Navy
  • Maroon


  • Silver / Blue Tribal


  • Matte Black “//42” Executive


✅ Available today via //42 Direct: https://Parallel42.com

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