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Visual effects (VFX) enhance realism by tricking the eye. User aircraft effects hold up under scrutiny, while others, like Multiplayer and Environmental effects, use clever tricks to protect sim performance.

This approach reflects those used at the happiest place on earth, where the castle appears massive from a distance but reveals its clever tricks up close.

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The FINEST "Visual Effects Utility" covering a range of immersive scenarios.

Our legacy in creating the gold standard of VFX for FSX/Prepar3D continues as we bring our expertise to MSFS. Discover the world of visual effects (VFX) in Microsoft Flight Simulator with SimFX. This add-on is not just a standalone enhancement; it also contains the foundation for our upcoming series of hand-crafted "Immersion Packs."

Every particle on your screen is authentically governed by environmental variables and formulas. Dynamic effects appear only under the right conditions, creating magical moments in your virtual skies. Experience visual effects for your hangar full of aircraft, AI or multiplayer traffic contrails, and even Auroras dynamically driven by live data, visible near both poles.

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//42 & VFX

Our commitment to visual effects is reflected in our company mission statement.

In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It's these important details that add the most to our experience.
42 is the answer.

Sky full of Contrails

Transform the skies with our 'Extended Contrails'!

These enhanced trails extend existing contrails, creating expansive, lasting lines crisscrossing the horizon. Our dynamic technology adjusts to weather conditions, ensuring each trail appears naturally authentic. 

Works on AI, Multiplayer Traffic, VATSIM & more...

Yours are fluffy!

User aircraft contrails are cloud-like and dynamic.

Depending on the position of the sun, they look voluminous and dense. They also incorporate the "Extended contrails" concept used on AI / Multiplayer aircraft.

See Sample

Engine Heat Blur

Enjoy totally revamped default heat blur effects, now delivering dynamic, customizable visuals that are ultra-realistic, no matter the aircraft type.

This effect works out of the box on supported aircraft (not encrypted by marketplace / using default fx).

APU Heat Blur

We have completely rebuilt the sim's heat blur effect to offer dynamic, fully configurable, and stunningly realistic visuals.

This effect works out of the box on supported aircraft (not encrypted by marketplace / using default fx).

Engine Blast

Feel the power of your aircraft with our Engine Blast Effects for soft, and wet surfaces.

Watch the environment dynamically respond as you increase the throttle, bringing the ground to life with realistic interactions. This feature captures the essence of raw power, as dirt and water are visibly displaced by the force of your engine, enhancing your experience with vivid, lifelike detail.

Wing Wash

As your aircraft's wings generate lift and increase downward pressure, watch as dirt and moisture are dramatically kicked up from the surface. 

This dynamic effect visually captures the powerful impact of air pressure changes caused by your aircraft. Immerse yourself in a more lifelike flying experience where every takeoff and low flyover leaves a mark on the world below.

Rotor Wash

Helicopters get some love with SimFX too.

Whip up the environment, creating a captivating visual display that enhances the authenticity of your helicopter simulation. Tailor the visuals to your preferences, with effects dynamically generated based on the helicopter's size and the surface it interacts with.

Oh, Friends too!

This effect also applies to Multiplayer/AI helicopters around you.

You can configure them independently from the effects shown on your helicopter or disable them entirely if your group flight leaves you in the dust.

* Requires SU15

Thrust Reversers

Our impressive thrust effects also work with thrust reversers on wet runways.

Feel the power of your engines fighting to slow you down after landing. SimFX dynamically creates this effect based on the size/weight of the aircraft, making look awesome on small to large aircraft.

Engine Pollution

Experience the raw intensity of power with our 'Engine Pollution Effect.'

Ideal for vintage, military, and heavy lift aircraft, this feature adds realistic exhaust plumes that enhance the gritty charm of these iconic machines. Witness a powerful visual tribute to their enduring legacy and mechanical might.

Touchdown Smoke

Capture the dramatic moment of touchdown with our 'Tire Smoke' effect.

As an aircraft lands, the sudden skid and acceleration of the wheels on the runway generate intense friction, heating up the tires and causing them to smoke. See the smoke rise, bringing every landing to life with spectacular detail.

Making Waves

Experience the interaction of aircraft and water with our custom 'Wave Effect.'

This effect works on floats and tires! As an aircraft skims or lands on water, SimFX simulates realistic water responses, creating ripples and waves that perfectly mirror natural interactions.

Wheels on Dirt

Discover the striking 'Wheels on Dirt' effect as your aircraft taxis and lands on unpaved surfaces.

As the tires spin, they kick up dust clouds, vividly showcasing the interaction between your aircraft and the rugged terrain. This realistic effect brings an extra layer of immersion to your flights, transforming every dirt runway maneuver into a visually engaging spectacle.

Wheels on Rain

Experience our dynamic 'Wheels on Rain' effect during taxi and landing on wet runways.

Watch as spinning tires kick up water sprays, vividly capturing your aircraft's interaction with the moist ground. This realistic effect enhances every rainy maneuver, turning routine taxiing and landings into captivating visual spectacles.


SimFX comes with real-time animated auroras for both the north and south poles. They were built with the tech you expect from //42, ensuring they cover the sky while preventing repeating patterns.

One package, one price, infinite experiences.

Live Auroras Tracker

Discover the best spots to witness auroras worldwide with our interactive map powered by industry-standard meteorology data.

This map provides a comprehensive overview of global aurora activity, helping you plan your viewing adventures more effectively. Whether you're flying or setting up camp, prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking dance of the auroras.

Live Auroras Map

Shooting Stars

With SimFX, you get seasonally accurate shooting stars flying across your sky. Feel lucky if you see one, and don't forget to wish upon a shooting star.

Need all the luck you can get? You can set it to render a shooting star every 2 seconds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weather Presets


The Cinematic preset is the most artistic preset we have.

  • Broken cumulus-like clouds at 10,000ft.
  • Challenging winds at low altitudes.

High Clouds

The High Clouds preset favors the development of contrails covering the sky.

  • Thin cirrus-like cloud layer at FL330.
  • Calm winds at low altitudes.


The Rain preset captures the quintessential British rainy day.

  • Thin cloud layers reaching up to 7700 ft.
  • Scattered light rain.
  • Chilly temperatures.


The Storm preset features a detailed representation of the most intense storm conditions.

  • Thick cloud layers reaching up to FL360.
  • Scattered precipitation with severe thunderstorm.
  • Many wind layers with strong convection covering calm air to moderate turbulence and occasional wind shear.


The Cold preset features a wintery feel from the north.

  • Temperature well below freezing (-13°C/9°F)
  • Freezing clouds from the ground to around 12,000 ft.
  • Challenging winds at higher altitudes.

OK, let's get nerdy...

With SimFX, we've made all our effects fully customizable via our in-game configuration panel.

Adjust everything from "chemtrail" size to heat blur temperature. With endless customization options, SimFX ensures excellent performance on any system, from low-end to high-end. Choose manual control or opt for our DYNAMIC tuning to optimize each effect. No matter your setup, SimFX adapts seamlessly, enhancing your visuals beautifully.

Dynamic Performance Tuning

Set your effects to Overall Quality—DYNAMIC, and our intelligent system will adjust the rendering in real-time to maintain your desired setting.

Choose from Performance, Balanced, or Quality options, and let us handle the optimization. Our system smartly manages resources, even hiding effects outside the aircraft when in inside view, to ensure your frame rate remains optimal without compromising on visual fidelity.

Per Aircraft Customizations

Tailor your visual experience with customizable settings for each aircraft type, regardless of livery.

SimFX offers a wide range of options for each effect, allowing you to fine-tune or completely turn off our enhancements in favor of an aircraft's default effects. Whether you're looking for a fully personalized setup or prefer the original configurations, our flexible settings ensure you have complete control over how your aircraft looks and feels on every flight.

Informative Sidebars

This dedicated UI section provides detailed information on the selected effect, including its description, the conditions necessary for rendering effects, and real-time data graphs.

You'll see metrics like the number of aircraft nearby, conditions required for effects to materialize, and graphs that display key variables such as surface wetness, outside air temperature, and more. Basically, all the information needed to understand the environment around you and when you can expect to see the SimFX magic.

Aircraft/Mods Compatibility

SimFX was built to work globally across your aircraft collection in the most compatible way possible. Since every aircraft is built differently, some effects may behave differently from aircraft to aircraft. Please review our aircraft/mods compatibility chart before purchasing SimFX.

Review Compatibility

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