MS Flight Simulator 2020
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  • Engine Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Sceneries

These are only available in the COMPLETE pack.

Fox2 Base

Fox2 is an excellent aircraft for beginners in flight sim, with modern-day comforts of autopilot systems and a manageable amount of study-like simulation. We hope to continue being the chosen aircraft for a bit of fun and learning for PC and Xbox users worldwide.
  • Fun!
  • AIRCRAFT: //42 Fox2 with 2 engine variants
  • Dual Garmin™ style G3X Units
  • PMS & TDS GTN750 Support
  • Realistic electrical system fault/overload simulation
  • Accurate Lanes (sensors) simulation
  • Accurate 3D Model based on Kitfox Series 5 STi
  • Beringer Aero™ wheels and brakes
  • Custom flaperon implementation
  • Accurate suspension travel and resistance
  • Custom suspension animations
  • Simulated open door overstress wear & tear...
  • Actual Big Tires
  • Study Level Suspension
  • Car Horn modification (multiplayer!)
  • Immersive dust and dirt effects
  • True to life window scratches/wear/handprints (optional)
  • Fully modeled OneWheel™ on the wing (optional)
  • Deployable multiplayer camping gear
  • Wig-Wag lights
  • In-sim product update notifications
  • Free liveries forever. (we love artists)
  • Additional GotGravel performance mods for Fox2
  • Visual effects
  • Car Horn as Trent installed IRL (yes, multiplayer too!)
  • Cockpit
  • and more...
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1 Aircraft, 2 Stages


Based on a Series 5 Kitfox 915 STi with 141 horsepower, this aircraft is an icon of bush flying and the chosen platform for many well-known pilots. STOL flying in the Fox2 comes naturally, and you'll find that the flight model accurately represents all the elements required for total immersion. Select from 12 livery options, and remember that each bush tire costs about $2000; avoid paved runways at all costs!

Fox2 - "Low n' Slow"

With 100 horsepower compared to the 141 in the base 915is, this is an excellent aircraft for when you're not racing the sun to a backcountry airstrip. A great bush plane must be appropriately equipped for operation in remote areas. Such an aircraft should be fitted with strong landing gear and oversized tires. This aircraft meets all these needs in an easy to fly configuration and is ready for your next adventure.

Customize your Fox2

Fox2 is based on a Series 5 Kitfox STi and is our very own project build. We were inspired to create an aircraft that would be competitive in STOL Drag races; think of Fox2 as a sleeper. It may display a 915iS badge, but it's not factory fresh.

Customize your Fox2 with the mods available below!

MS Flight Simulator 2020
Fox2 - Bags Bundle
Fox2 - Bags Bundle Sale price FREE
MS Flight Simulator 2020
Fox2 - Clear Glass Mod
Fox2 - Clear Glass Mod Sale price FREE
MS Flight Simulator 2020
Fox2 - Kitfox dashboard logo
MS Flight Simulator 2020
Fox2 - TDS GTN 750Xi integration
MS Flight Simulator 2020
Fox2 - VR Prop
Fox2 - VR Prop Sale price FREE

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