Flow Kiosk

MS Flight Simulator 2020
A fully functional Kiosk utility for presenting Flight Simulation products at conventions/expos based on Flow Pro.

Whether you're a scenery designer, aircraft developer, or utility builder, focusing on customer engagement vs. training and sim maintenance is important at industry events.

Available by request.

Flow Kiosk is FREE as an industry courtesy from //42, exclusively for fellow exhibitors. To obtain a copy of this product, please contact us & include your booth #.

Two things previous Expos taught us

  1. Some visitors will need help navigating the sim, and you'll end up hosting flightsim 101 lessons and teaching key assignments.
  2. Some visitors don't need or want your help, and they will gladly navigate out to the main menus, swap aircraft, and visit random airports to prove it!

With Flow Kiosk, your booth is always ready to showcase your work. Visitors will be greeted with a clean display of your brand and products, creating an engaging experience from the moment they walk up.


  • Easy to use on-screen Flow wheel for single-click interactions
  • Restrict visitors from sim exits, menus, etc.
  • Quick access to aircraft and sim controls/options
  • Single click teleport to a saved location without having to go back to main menu.
  • Ability to set specific weather conditions per airport/location.
  • Auto-enter drone mode (optional)
  • Keep visitors at your airports with auto-turnback
  • Keep visitors in your aircraft by restricting exit
  • Custom Branded UI
  • Say goodbye to constant sim maintenance, training & resetting

Kiosk Mode

Restrict to specific areas and simplify controls.

Kiosk mode stays visible at the top right of the screen at all times and allows for basic sim controls that would normally be unknown to the user.

Easy Access

You wheel is always visible at the top right corner of the screen. Demo your products in a few clicks directly from the wheel.

It's your Flow

Add, remove, and rearrange widgets to your liking. You can even create additional pages and scroll thru them in-sim.

With Flow, you can create your own menu system and prioritize the items most matter to you.

Quick Teleport

Quickly teleport between airports without having to go through the simulator menus.

Default Toolbar controls

Show it or hide it. It's up to you!

The default toolbar can be enabled/disabled from the Flow settings.
We even make it prettier for you by removing the white triangle.

How to install?

Kiosk Mode



If this is a fresh install of Flow Pro, you might have to proceed through the initial Tutorial.

  1. In order to provide a best kiosk experience, we recommend hiding and preventing access to the default toolbar. You can choose what users have access to in Flow, including default panels.
  2. Assign a button to toggle The Wheel. Default assignment for this is [Tab] on your keyboard.
  3. The Otto search bar doesn't require an assignment as it won't be used in Kiosk Mode.


Kiosk Wheel

After the tutorial is completed, you should be presented with the default Kiosk wheel. If not, press Tab or the assigned key to open The Wheel.

  1. The 6 target icons currently in your wheel are location markers. They can be used to quickly teleport to different areas without existing to the menus. We will configure them next.
  2. Holding click on any tile will open the Wheel editor and allow you to modify the wheel or configure/reconfigure a specific widget.
  3. You can add and remove widgets to configure the wheel the way you want.


Teleport Widgets

There are 6 teleport tiles provided in the default kiosk wheel. They can be used to quickly teleport to different areas without existing to the menus.

  1. When blank, clicking on a teleport tile will save the current aircraft location to it. When configured, clicking it will teleport you to the new location.
  2. A Teleport tile can not only teleport to a location, it can also set the weather and time at that location.
  3. You can reset the location, time or weather of a tile in its settings accessible from the wheel editor.
  4. You can set additional location markers in the wheel editor. Search for "Kiosk Teleport"


Restrict location

Once your Teleport tiles are configured, you can set a restriction area around them.

  1. To restrict a location, go to the wheel editor, select the Teleport tile you want to edit and scroll at the bottom of the right column to find the restriction options.
  2. When a user reaches the specified distance, the aircraft will turn around and head back to the saved location.


Activate Kiosk Mode

Once you're done configuring your wheel, it's time to lock things down in Kiosk Mode.

  1. Open the Flow Settings (at the top right of the screen when The Wheel is open),
  2. Scroll down and open the Dev Tools / Safe Mode section.
  3. in the Run command text field, write kiosk_toggle and press Enter. Flow will reload in Kiosk Mode.


Set your branding

Welcome to Kiosk Mode. You can now set your branding options in the Kiosk Mode settings section.

  1. This setting section is protected by a password that will be given to you in your //42 store account.
  2. Behind this password, you will be able to configure the logos visible around the Flow wheel.
  3. You can go back to this Settings section at any time by holding your mouse down on the middle circle on the wheel.

Available by request

Flow Kiosk is FREE as an industry courtesy from //42, exclusively for fellow exhibitors.

To obtain a copy of this product, please contact us & include your booth #.

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