Prepar3D v6
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ChasePlane Professional

Discover ChasePlane Professional, the optimized camera system exclusively designed for Prepar3D V6.

We've streamlined and removed outdated code, bidding farewell to FSX and Prepar3D V1-5 support. With a lean, clean interface, ChasePlane Pro minimizes resource requirements while seamlessly importing existing camera presets. It offers unparalleled performance and visuals with an easy-to-use interface.

Features include the ability to save custom views, cinematic mode, an In-Sim View Selector, complete camera control, including roll axis and zoom, realistic turbulence, and more.

ChasePlane Professional is available exclusively from for Prepar3D V6 under commercial licensing terms.

Compatible P3D Licenses:
🗸 Personal
🗸 Professional
🗸 Professional Plus

Custom Views

Create and save custom views inside and outside the cockpit, allowing you to explore every angle of your virtual world or aircraft. Take control and capture breathtaking perspectives with ease. ChasePlane Professional puts you in the director's seat.


Experience new perspectives with the Cinematics feature during your flight, effortlessly generating stunning visuals while cruising. Stay in control by monitoring your systems from the flight deck with flight deck cinematics. ChasePlane empowers artists and virtual pilots, providing the best of both worlds for an unforgettable flight.

Fine Controls

Having perfect control over your camera is what ChasePlane Pro is all about. In addition to your mouse and keyboard to move the camera, you can assign any joystick axis, sliders, or buttons to move the camera where you want it, at the speed and smoothness you desire.

In-Sim View Selector

Select cameras from within the simulator without entering the ChasePlane Pro UI. Simply click and hold the Middle Mouse button or assign a button to bring up the In-Sim View Selector.

Motion Effects

In ChasePlane Pro, motion effects react to the environment around you. The aircraft's motion is calculated multiple times per frame to give you a sense of immersion. Our dedicated Motion Effect tuning sections can perfectly tune each effect.

A Level Horizon

ChasePlane Pro allows for a horizon-aligned view of the aircraft. Our "Gimbal" feature keeps the horizon level when viewing the aircraft from the outside, enhancing your flights and ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

TrackIR Support

Translate your head movements into camera movements in the sim with TrackIR. ChasePlane Pro supports TrackIR out of the box without time-consuming configurations.

Commercial Licensing
  • Commercial license for businesses and training entities.
  • Business and training entities are permitted to use this product.
  • Allows for one instance of ChasePlane Professional per machine within the organization.
  • Bulk pricing is available for more than 3 licenses (Contact us at
  • 24/7 support portal with guaranteed 72-hour response time.
  • Guaranteed support for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V6-6.999 as long as continuity is enabled.
  • No full version updates included (V7); license renewal required.
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