MS Flight Simulator 2020
Before you get too excited...

Unfortunately, we have to break the news gently - //42 ChasePlane for MSFS is not a real product...yet.

If you want ChasePlane to become a reality, read what you can do to help below! 

ChasePlane (MSFS)

Why no ChasePlane in MSFS yet?

Microsoft/Asobo delivered a closed camera system nowhere near prior offerings. As it stands today, we can’t tap into it to make it great. The API is NOT accessible to us or anyone else outside of Microsoft.

How can I help get ChasePlane in MSFS?

If you’d like to see ChasePlane in MSFS, there are 3 things you can do.

  2. UPVOTE here (top left):
  3. ASK FOR CHASEPLANE IN  "✈️ Developer Streams" here:

What has //42 done to try and get ChasePlane in MSFS?

//42 shared a confidential document with Microsoft engineers detailing the necessary requirements for ChasePlane to be compatible with MSFS. After well over a year of not receiving a reply, a meeting was held at FSExpo 2023 with Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator at Microsoft, to discuss this further.

Following the meeting, a call was conducted to explore the possibility, but it was ultimately deemed unfeasible. It was concluded that the best approach for all parties involved would be the development of a proper and functional Camera API. Such an API would not only benefit //42 but also other 3rd party developers looking for camera control options.

🙌 YOU are the community, YOU are the voice that can make ChasePlane a reality. Join us in focusing that energy on the portals that can make a change! Stay tuned for more real updates and releases from us in the future.

//42 Team