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About Immersion Packages

In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It's these important details that add the most to our experience. For this, we present our Immersive Line of products.

777 Immersion

An All-In-One Boeing 777 Visual Effects Package.

777 Immersion is available as a single package for all popular renditions of the 777 airframe, regardless of livery used! Enjoy immersive effects for the PMDG & other offerings, customized for each. Support for CaptainSim 777's is coming soon.

Performance First

Performance is our top priority at //42. 777 Immersion uses minimal system resources, allowing for high-quality and FPS-friendly gameplay. With rigorous flight testing, our product offers maximum realism for customers.

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//42 & VFX

Our commitment to visual effects is reflected in our company mission statement.

In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It's these important details that add the most to our experience.
42 is the answer.

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The SimFX Framework

777 Immersion was built on top of the SimFX Framework. This means that you get the best combination of effects and customizability via the SimFX interface. SimFX is required for 777 Immersion to work.

Learn more about SimFX

19 Custom Visual Effects

APU Heat Blur* (Improved) — Brake DustCloud EffectsCloud IlluminationContrails (Improved) — Engine Chine Vortices Engine Cold StartEngine CondensationEngine Heat Blur* (Improved) — Engine Ingest VorticesFuel Jettison Hot Brakes SmokeSkid Marks (Improved) — St.Elmo's Fire* Waste Water DrainWater DropletsWheels on Rain (Improved) — Wing CondensationWing Vortices

* Review Supported Airframes and Features ➔

Swirling Contrails

Our cutting-edge technology creates swirling contrails, adding vibrant visual effects to the skies.

Picture yourself soaring at high altitudes and jumping into an outside camera to enjoy a captivating display of distinctive contrails.

Condensation Effects

Our 777 Immersion pack delivers dynamic wing, engine condensation, and wing (flap) vortices. These effects adapt to weather and aircraft conditions, driven by precise atmospheric variables.

When the air humidity is just right, moisture builds up on the wings, and vortices form during takeoffs and landings!

Waste Water Drain

The 777's waste water drain system disposes of "gray water" and other waste fluids during flight.

With 777 Immersion, you can see this system in action, typically about once an hour.

Engine Cold Start

On a cool day or night, marvel at plumes of condensation and vapor bursting into the crisp, cold air as you fire up the engines. Our visual effects are so detailed and lifelike that you can almost feel the chill.

Each cold start becomes a mesmerizing show, adding a new layer of immersion to your journeys.

Fuel Jettison

Fuel Jettison, or Fuel Dumping, is the controlled fuel release from an aircraft while in flight. With 777 Immersion, you can see this process using the appropriate virtual cockpit controls.

Watch as the fuel disperses, creating stunning visual effects.

Cloud Illumination

Our Cloud Illumination tech showcases the dramatic effect of light shining on clouds as you pass through them at high speed. This feature highlights your aircraft's velocity, creating stunning visuals that make you feel the rush of flight.

With 777 Immersion, every journey through the clouds becomes a breathtaking visual experience.

Hot Brakes Smoke

Easy now! Sheeeeeeeeesh. With 777 Immersion, you can experience realistic visual indications of overheating brakes.

Watch as smoke intensity changes dynamically with the brake temperature.

Carbon Brake Dust

The 777 produces fine brake dust as it uses its carbon brakes during taxi. When the aircraft takes off, the airflow removes this dust just as the landing gear retracts.

Keep an eye out; you'll notice the brake dust in action just after departure.

Water droplets

Water droplets create a visual effect of water dripping from the wings, fuselage, and other parts of the aircraft.

These droplets are dynamically generated and change in appearance based on the amount of rain and how wet the aircraft is.

Supported Airframes

777 Immersion works with the PMDG 777. Support for the CaptainSim rendition coming soon.
Effect availability can change from rendition to rendition as detailed below.

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