MS Flight Simulator 2020

  • This scene contains immersive scenes of simulated violence and terror.
  • If this is not something you're comfortable with, STAY AWAY.

About Scenes

Scenes have a small footprint vs. complete sceneries that cover a larger area. They are also perfect places to play with //42 Campout as they were designed with plenty of plane camping space.

Expect challenging strips with immaculate vibes; whether it feels remote or cozy will depend on each scene.


42CL - Camp Crystal Lake

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Camp Crystal Lake is to Jason Voorhees what Elm St. is to Freddy Kreuger. On a stormy night in 1980, 12 friends were killed. Why should 2022 be any different? It’s rumored that Jason was eventually buried on site…and yearly, some of the most infamous will gather on the grounds to celebrate his life.

Horror has many faces, death wears many different masks, but pure evil wears only one. And this is your chance to see it in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Prepare your drones. Will you find Jason dead or alive?

Playing the game & Guidelines for the best experience

The campgrounds are best explored via DRONE MODE after you land. Treat areas and cabins like a theme park and keep the concept of animatronics in consideration; stick around long enough, and you'll catch things moving.

  • Available Runways: Water / Grass / Helipad
  • Select Custom Weather Preset: //42 Camp Crystal Lake
  • Depart from KTEB between 4-5PM Local Time (42min flight)
  • Upon landing...or crashing...exit the aircraft and enter Drone Mode. We like Drone Speed: 3.00
  • Consider turning up and using only your sim sounds; how else will you hear danger lurking in the forest!?
  • Find Jason Voorhees alive.
  • Explore the grounds, enter cabins, and wait to see if things move or change. Follow the illuminated paths and or arrows. Beware of other guests.
  • Post photographic evidence of Jason Voorhees alive on location in #product-pics-n vids at the //42 Discord
Available here (PC)
Available on Orbx (PC)