My sim does not load the add-on I just installed.

Please ensure your addon folder is not 'nested' within another folder inside your community folder. An easy way to avoid this is by using Simstaller to install all your Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons.

Incorrect File path: Community p42-imm-simfx p42-imm-simfx

Correct File path: Community p42-imm-simfx
An Incorrect file path would prevent the simulator from detecting a valid addon file, so it proceeds without loading the addon.
Here is an example of a 'nested' folder using the addon "SimFX".
As you can see in the address bar, we are viewing the files inside a folder called 'p42-imm-simfx' that is in the 'Community' folder (Underlined green). However it contains another folder called 'p42-imm-simfx' inside it.

This second folder (highlighted red) is the "nested" folder.


A: Use Simstaller for all your add-on installations.


B: Manually correct this by following the steps below.

- The easiest way to rectify this issue is to right click on the 'nested' folder and select 'Cut' option:
- Then return back to your 'community' folder, then right click (making sure not to right click on another folder) and select the 'Paste' option.

(Note: if you see the option to 'Cut' or 'Copy' above the 'Paste' option you have right clicked on another folder.)
- Now if you go back into the folder called 'p42-imm-simfx' in your 'Community' folder, you will now see multiple folders and a couple of files.
This is the correct directory and file structure the simulator is looking for.
You can now launch the simulator and you should be able to use your correctly installed addon.

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