Juice Goose

Why does my top speed fluxuate?

Just like an aircraft flying, there are many factors that affects the top speed of a vehicle on the ground. Here are a few that affects your Juice Goose's top speed.

  1. Surface type. While surface types might not always be accurate in MSFS, sand, gravel and other loose surfaces will slow you down. The best surfaces for top speed are asphalt and concrete.
  2. Wind. A significant headwind will slow you down. On the flip side, a tailwind will make you go faster.
  3. State of Charge. Just like a real electric vehicle, available power declines as the State of Charge decreases. Make sure to charge your Goose fully before a race or before attempting the jump. If you so choose, there is an Unlimited Battery option in the Realism settings of the instrument cluster.
  4. Thermals. If you are driving in hot or cold weather, you might see a reduction of power while the system regulates the motor and battery pack temperatures. A visual and audible notification will occur if this is the case. An option to disable thermal impacts is available in the Realism settings of the instrument cluster.

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