Juice Goose

42GB - Making "The Jump".

Here are a few tips to land the Inlet Jump located on the north side of the beach at the included 42GB Goose Bowl scenery.

  1. Select the Juice Goose 500 Speedster.
  2. Ensure your battery is above 75% state of charge. (Click on the battery in the Charging page if needed).
  3. Start about 30 seconds to a minute off the jump to reach proper speed.
  4. Accelerate to 89mph (142kph) and set the cruise control (use trim to dial it in precisely). Note that wind and passenger weight can affect the required speed to clear the jump.
  5. Without boosting or applying extra throttle, aim for the jump.
  6. Control the orientation of the vehicle mid-air to land on the front wheels.  Riding with a copilot requires more finesse in the air!





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