Juice Goose

Can I use my own Music in the Bluetooth speaker?


The radio station in the Juice Goose is a single file that loops. There are 2 ways to change the music file.

A: Replace the factory radio file with your own

Please note that product updates will overwrite your custom file.

  1. Find your community folder
  2. Navigate to the following directory: \Community\p42-juice-goose\SimObjects\Airplanes\p42-juice-goose-242\sound
  3. Replace the p42-mav-radio file with the one of your choice.

B: Create a custom package

This option will keep your custom music protected thru product updates.

  1. We've created a Custom Music Project for you.


Supported audio formats (from the SDK)

We have tested .wav files up to 2Gb.

  • The sound engine can load PCM *.wav format (16bits per sample), as well as Microsoft ADPCM *.wav compressed format. When the compressed format is used, Audio Compression Manager (ACM), an audio compression module included in Windows, is used to load the file.

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