Why does our pricing fluctuate in the Orbx Store?

Why does our pricing fluctuate in the Orbx Store?

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

I’ll lead off with the statement that Parallel 42 LLC is a US-based company and all our products follow an MSRP in USD (US dollar).

Now some behind the scenes info…over the past 45 days or so, the value of the AUD (Australian dollar) literally tanked, to record lows even (see chart). AUD is the primary currency for Orbx Simulations. What this meant is that you were paying way below our set US price for our software. YAY for you!!!

After meeting about it we decided to be cool and not touch pricing for a few weeks, but there came a point at which rates really started to dive. Only then did we correct our pricing to be in-line with the USD. What this meant is that well, unfortunately, it may be perceived that prices “went up”.

So why did I take the time to talk about this now? Well, I saw a snarky comment somewhere on social media about our pricing “going up” but oddly enough nothing about the whole month that prices were wayyyyy low in favor of our customers/consumers.

We did not correct pricing immediately before a sale, nor were we accused of doing so thankfully. We value the trust you have in us, but it would have also broken some law if we did!

Look, we’re pretty cool but also full-time at //42 and we cover our cost of operations in USD. This adjustment was required given the circumstances, and as the market corrects we’ll adjust again. Thanks for reading and your continued support!

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