UPDATE: Tune up for FF // F2 & new Mexican Mountain Scene!

UPDATE: Tune up for FF // F2 & new Mexican Mountain Scene!

Hello again!

New frustrations these days have come in the form of deploying updates at 2 different speeds. On the Orbx side, we’ve got the ability to immediately push a well-tested update immediately to our customers. (shout out to Area 42 Testers!) On the other hand, via Microsoft Marketplace (MP) we need to go thru the entire checklist starting with what feels like “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” and an unpredictable delay.

So we’ve come to a decision that we will leverage that Orbx speed to synchronize deployments. Moving forward all our updates will be submitted to the MP team, and when the ey give us notice of deployment, we’ll push code out to Orbx resulting in everyone getting the update at the same time. This is also when we’ll strike with a release post, so if you’re reading this, it’s out!

Enough of me chatting, let’s get to what you came here for…

Mexican Mountain (42MX)

We were lucky enough to work with real bush pilots in the region and were provided with amazing drone footage for reference material in the construction of this strip. Located in Green River, Utah, the region features brightly colored cliffs, buttes, ridges, alcoves, and pinnacles that dominate the landscape, with elevations ranging from 4,700 feet in the southeast to 6,900 feet on Mexican Mountain. In comparison to many other mountains, Mexican Mountain truly is…out there; the views are tremendous, plenty of places to practice STOL landings nearby, and you’re a short hop away from Moab.

A complete feature list is available in our announcement post.

If you own FreedomFox / Fox2 via Orbx or the Complete Package via Microsoft Marketplace, this new scene will be available to you upon release at no charge.

By popular demand, we’ll also release these scenes alongside future ones, as standalone purchases via the MS Marketplace. This will allow owners of the FreedomFox / Fox2 Base Package to purchase available scenes separately. Mexican Mountain (42MX) will be available for $7.99 USD.

This update includes a few other things listed in our changelog below.


FF/F2: Flight model tune-up to refine level flight post SU9.
SCENES: Welcome to “Mexican Mountain Campout!” (42MX)


FF/F2: Fixed Avionics screens in multiplayer scenarios, eliminating pink screen glow.


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