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UPDATE: New Prop Physics, FreedomFox // Fox2 update now LIVE

UPDATE: New Prop Physics, FreedomFox // Fox2 update now LIVE

Well, hello again!

I covered lots of what was coming in our FreedomFox//Fox2: Sim Updates…and the ripple effect post earlier in the week. To provide a brief recap, for this update GotGravel and our aircraft team reworked the aircraft to fully support SU8 Prop Physics changes. We also added trim tabs on specific variants that would benefit from them in real life, overcame a few Asobo bugs, mainly with regards to co-pilot visibility, and delivered some cool new 3D mods. All new elements have individual texture sheets, which will make our many supportive livery painters very happy, we believe strongly in supporting creativity! Speaking of…are you a livery painter? Want to be on the inside line for future changes that may affect your art? Ping us:

Big shout-out to our Aircraft, Scenery & 3D Asset teams for their hard work these past weeks banging out some really incredible work! We’ve ramped up the team, if you have a talent you think might be a great fit, feel free to ping us as well.

FreedomFox // Fox2 are excellent aircraft for beginners in flight sim, with modern-day comforts of autopilot systems, and a manageable amount of study-like simulation. We hope to continue being the chosen aircraft for a bit of fun and learning once we hit the MS Marketplace. We’re currently on final approach for submission.

The update is now LIVE and includes a few other things listed in our changelog below. Update via FreedomFox Mod Manager.


  • FF/F2: Support for Sim Update 8 new optional propeller simulation system by GotGravel.
  • FF/F2: Added ability to select/display/hide copilot.
  • FF/F2: Flight bag on pax seat to overcome Asobo co-pilot bug.
  • FF/F2: Added door reset sequence. Land, set the parking brake, engine off, and the doors return. Go blow them off again!
  • F2: Accurate 3D trim tabs added to flaperons on Stage1 & Stage2 variants.
  • SCENES: Updated ICAO prefixes from FF to 42 in preparation for non-FreedomFox specific //42 scenes.
  • SCENES: Added ICAO 42MM Stone Cabin, Montague Mine to Mars With Flowers Scene via Mod Manager
  • MODS: Added Black Flight Bag Mod
  • MODS: Added Violet Vixen Flight Bag Mod
  • MODS: Added “Legacy” prop models, excluding SU8 prop changes w/disclaimer for future support.


  • FF/F2: Updated notepad position. No longer on pax seat, now near left door.
  • F2: Stage 1 reduced to 200hp from 242hp for better performance spread across variants. 141/200/242 (FF is at 141hp)
  • SCENES: ICAO update FFMW > 42MW
  • SCENES: ICAO update FFBC > 42BC
  • SCENES: Improved LOD for 42MM Stone Cabin, Montague Mine Scene.


  • SCENES: Resolved issue where Bushplane Campout scene was affecting some airport services.
  • SCENES: Corrected runway headings at 42MW Mars With Flowers Scene


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