FreedomFox / Fox2

UPDATE: FreedomFox / Fox2 gets HUGE update. Analog + Competition Variants, CFD flight model & more!

UPDATE: FreedomFox / Fox2 gets HUGE update. Analog + Competition Variants, CFD flight model & more!

Hello Captain,

It's been a wild few months of working on the Fox! Just as we started nearing a point where we were happy to start staging things up, SU15 beta started and took us for a wild ride.  It also brought with it a slew of fresh features we could take advantage of, so it moved this product line out of STAGING for release and back into ACTIVE DEV status for a few more months.

Once SU15 dropped and became the production build, we started shifting into STAGING once again for a release. And then I received the following text message...

Turns out Trent added a smoke system! You heard it here first, and similar to how we did with the Beringer wheels, we've done in-sim before he makes it public with a video!

It should be noted that is EXACTLY why we never discuss release dates, only our team knows all the details of why the call is made to delay a release. Without a public statement, there is no set expectation other than "when it's ready".

Well, I'm happy to say IT'S READY! The changelog is significant, let's dive in.


  • Analog Variant - Fox 2, all stages, now available as "Analog"
  • Competition Variant - Weight reduced and performance tuned Fox2 (analog only)
  • CFD Flight Model
  • Say goodbye to nose-over landings thanks to new friction parameters on both the ground and braking.
  • G3X avionics unit update (for that one guy out there, the plane can now can fly west, south and even east!)
  • FFOX updated with new Trent Palmer Hangar
  • FFOX updated with new Flow Virtual Keyfob capabilities to open hangar doors and control lights (ch. 1-3)
  • Now 33+ Liveries per variant
  • //42 Merch Avatars available in the Avatar selection screen
  • Added Smoke system to mirror Trent Palmer adding it to the IRL FreedomFox (use smoke binding in-sim)
  • GTN units not supported until further notice.


  • Rudder 3D pedal overlap
  • Corrections to some liveries
  • Corrected lower fuselage transport point issue
  • Corrected engine cowling 3D overlap
  • Corrected seat textures


  • QOL touches on lighting
  • Added clickspot to return doors if they are removed. (shock mounting point on door frame)
  • Added QR code to product wiki to notepad
  • FFOX terrain updated and refined w/new landscaping
  • Added cap to bottom of canister in engine bay for Competition variant

UPGRADE NOTE: Please delete both the p42-fox2 & p42-freedomfox folders, including any of the Fox2 mods from your community folder before replacing them with the single new p42-freedomfox folder.