UPDATE: Flow Landing Rate Widget, Xbox performance fixes & more!

UPDATE: Flow Landing Rate Widget, Xbox performance fixes & more!

Hello again!

Let's talk about Flow. Seeing it hit Xbox consoles has been rad, but it's been eye opening too! We've noticed a severe lack of "cool utilities" on Xbox, and feel that Flow is an incredible vehicle to deliver some of the more common tools simmers enjoy.

One of the most popular widgets for Flow Pro on PC has been the Landing Rate Widget created by Flow community creator: eGGi. Recognizing this popularity, we extended an invitation to eGGi to join our Flow Makers program. Through this collaboration, we have been actively working together to enhance and fine-tune the widget. Today we're happy to share that the Landing Rate Widget will no longer require Flow Pro or a standalone download; it's now seamlessly integrated into the core Flow installation, available for both Flow Essentials and Flow Pro users. Yes, this means you too Xbox!

This announcement signifies a remarkable milestone for us at //42. As a small yet ambitious team, there are limits to what we can create. However, with Flow Pro serving as a development platform, we're now in a collaborative environment that extends beyond our own efforts. This is the first of a few projects currently in the Flow Makers program making their way into a core product.

Also notable in this update are completely rebuilt Position and Portal widgets now featuring beautiful full-color satellite imagery AND a significant performance increase. This performance bump should be very noticeable on Xbox consoles as PC's didn't ever really see an issue.

We sprinkled in a few more little things, have a peek below at the full changelog.



  • Landing Rate Widget (Essentials & Pro) Quickly see your landing rate after touchdown with the new Landing Rate Widget.
  • QR Code (All versions) Added QR code for support in settings


  • Optimizations to Position / Portal Widgets (Essentials & Pro) Faster maps, better look! The position map has been improved with colored map, better markers, display options and better performance.
  • Position Widget / Multiplayer (Essentials & Pro) Added on/off button to show/hide multiplayer, this may help with performance in saturated areas.
  • Portal Widget / Multiplayer (Essentials & Pro) Added friend usernames to map. 
  • Twitch Chat Overlay (Pro) Added a setting to change the duration of on-screen messages.


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