Migrate your OldProp products, time is running out!

Migrate your OldProp products, time is running out!

In January of this year, Parallel 42 discussed the future of OldProp products in a blog post titled OldProp Solutions Enhances Offerings with Transition to Parallel 42.

The takeaway was that users would be required to migrate all licenses for OldProp products to //42 by moving your purchases to Orbx. It’s been six months since that post, and we’re here now to yell LAST CALL! We ask that our supporting community share this post in every group you can to help get the word out. Our final notice is as follows:

On July 31, 2020, at 23:59 GMT, OldProp servers will go offline, and you will be unable to use any OldProp products, recover serials, save, or recover ChasePlane presets from the cloud. Users MUST migrate all OldProp software licenses to Orbx; this includes ChasePlane, PrecipitFX & all Immersion Packages.


Over the next 42 days, we will launch an intense campaign and sound every possible alarm to those that have not yet migrated. This campaign will include showing reminders on all remaining OldProp software installations and an email reminder to all registered users.

The Parallel 42 team would like to thank the 86% of our users that have migrated their licenses to Orbx in what we consider to be the most successful & hassle-free license migration our community has ever experienced.


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