RELEASE: 42CE Coyote Estate Scene for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: 42CE Coyote Estate Scene for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Captain,

I know that last time we were in Red Bluff, I said we were done, but we have one final act. This is one we've wanted to make come alive for some time, and as we worked the area to complete Red Bluff Trails, we ran across the perfect property. 

The story came alive one night over a bowl of spicy ramen. It was time to formalize Coyote operations before moving to other regions. Jeppeson2001 did an incredible job capturing the right vibes here both by day and night. Coyote Estate is where you can make your import/export dreams come true, whether you transport flowers or even...ramen; it's an 8 billion dollar industry, so you know!

We won't question your business practices, but some hombres have questions about all your fancy toys. Explore the region and see if you can spot the Fed. Rumor is, there's one watching your every move.

With the upcoming release of Red Bluff Trails system which includes over 100 drivable miles of off-road trail, you'll be able to directly connect to Coyote Estate. This will give you a place to call home whether you're into flying or driving in-sim. Well, actually two, Hogsback Ranch is connected to the trail network too!