Parallel 42 Welcomes 'The Man, The Myth, The Legend' Jeppeson2001 as Head of Scenery Design!

Parallel 42 Welcomes 'The Man, The Myth, The Legend' Jeppeson2001 as Head of Scenery Design!
The team at Parallel 42 is thrilled to announce that Simon Fogarty, aka Jeppeson2001, has officially joined us as our new Head of Scenery Design!

Simon has been an integral part of the flight sim community, and his work has contributed to many Parallel 42 scenes you know and love. He's a true artist with an incredible eye for bringing our stories to life through scenery design. In addition to our scenes, Jeppeson2001 has released his own masterpieces like Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls, KFFZ Falcon Field, and Hogwarts Express. We're excited to also bring those titles under the //42 umbrella where you'll find them anywhere our products are sold.

Simon's contributions extend beyond his scenery design expertise. He is a true technologist, a quality that perfectly aligns with our vision at Parallel 42. His role in inspiring the groundbreaking 'Virtual Key Fob' feature in Flow is a testament to his boundary-pushing and innovative spirit. We're confident that this opportunity will lead to even more advancements in the future, it also solidifies our commitment to immersive scenery design.

We may be a small team at Parallel 42, but we've got big talent & bigger dreams. Sure, our sharp branding and active presence in the flight sim community might make us seem larger than we are, but we stay true to our roots by only working with "A players." Simon fits the bill 100%, and we can't wait to see how working full-time with his incredible skill & imagination will help us create new experiences for flight sim enthusiasts.

A special thank you to our friend TwoToneMurphy for introducing us to Simon. We would never have met him without Murph's shenanigans, and we're incredibly grateful for that. //e

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