OldProp Solutions Enhances Offerings with Transition to Parallel 42

OldProp Solutions Enhances Offerings with Transition to Parallel 42

New Strategic Partners and Products in the Pipeline

KANSAS CITY, MO — Parallel 42, a fast-rising development haus in the flight simulation community, today announces the transition of all OldProp Solutions titles into its catalog as Parallel 42 products.

Positive Community Impact

Parallel 42 is a new partnership with business operations veteran Edson Soriano, and seasoned developer Keven Ménard.

ChasePlane, PrecipitFX, and “Immersion” products have become staples of the flight simulation experience. For the past six years the community has enjoyed these titles under OldProp, composed of Ménard and a former managing partner.

Having ended the OldProp partnership, Ménard will now focus on his role as Creative Director and Partner at Parallel 42, ensuring the future of OldProp products. Soriano will direct business development strategies and execution.

“Parallel 42 is committed to the support of all existing titles and the development of future updates and new features. Our team is synergetic, forward-thinking, agile, and well-respected in flight simulation and developer communities.” Soriano said.


In August of 2014 OldProp introduced PrecipitFX. This effects package was the start of a new visual effects market in the Flight Simulation community. Since that date, the OldProp team released 9 additional titles including the award winning ChasePlane and a collection of Immersion Packages built for the most popular aircraft simulations.

Parallel 42 was formally established in December of 2018. However, founding partners Soriano and Ménard had worked together on various projects since meeting on TheSkyLounge.TV in 2015.

The first product developed by Parallel 42 is The Skypark. The new title will be published exclusively via Orbx Simulation Systems in early 2020. It was during the final development stages of The Skypark that a new idea began to materialize.

“What if we brought all the OldProp products home with Keven at Parallel 42?” Soriano envisioned.

“The more it was discussed, the more it seemed like the right thing to do.” Ménard said.

Strategic Partnerships

To advance the future of Immersion Packages, Parallel 42 is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn. AI Lights Reborn improves the simulator immersive experience and realism by enabling special effects for all your currently installed AI Traffic.

“Raul shows an incredible passion for in-sim lighting and effects and has a willingness to push the envelope of what the sim can deliver in ways that perfectly fit our mission at Parallel 42,” Ménard said.

Under the newly created Partner Developer Program, Morales will function as the lead developer for future immersion packages by Parallel 42 including the upcoming PMDG 737 NGXu simulation that is currently underway.

“Existing partnerships enable a growing catalog of immersion packages and the team is open to working with any interested aircraft developers for the creation of new titles. Seeing Raul and Keven work together on NGXu Immersion is awesome, the future of immersion is alive and strong!” Soriano added.

Product Availability

As part of Parallel 42’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation, ChasePlane, PrecipitFX, and all Immersion Package products will be available exclusively via Orbx.

Products are immediately available for purchase via OrbxDirect and Orbx Central.

Registered owners of these products should visit for migration details.

Learn more at

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