FreedomFox/Fox2 price reduction & Fox2 BASE goes live on Orbx w/upgrade path.

FreedomFox/Fox2 price reduction & Fox2 BASE goes live on Orbx w/upgrade path.

We are pleased to announce a price reduction for FF/F2 to celebrate our success and show our appreciation to our customers.

Our FreedomFox / Fox2 (FF/F2) product line is a tremendous success as an add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Working directly with Trent Palmer has been a dream come true, and having him validate our work is the cherry on top. Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in sales as more and more aviation enthusiasts have discovered the fun & immersive experience that FF/F2 provides.

FF/F2 is a highly detailed and accurate replica of a real-world aircraft designed to provide users with the most realistic flying experience possible. It boasts an advanced flight model built by GotGravel, which considers every aspect of the aircraft’s performance, from aerodynamics to non-fictional STOL capabilities. This attention to detail has made FF/F2 a favorite among flight sim enthusiasts who appreciate realism and authenticity.

Effective immediately, *Fox2 BASE is now available at Orbx and offers **upgrade pricing to the COMPLETE package, which includes FreedomFox, additional engine stages for Fox2, and bonus scenery.

Customers can purchase Fox2 BASE at a reduced price of $14.99 and FreedomFox / Fox2 COMPLETE at a reduced price of $24.99. New pricing is also available on the Marketplace.

If you’ve been curious about the fox but wanted to ease into it, this is your opportunity!

*Fox2 base is new to Orbx.
**Upgrade pricing is exclusive to Orbx.

This price reduction is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers and making FF/F2 more accessible to even more aviation enthusiasts. New pricing is also available in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. We owe our success to you, our loyal customers, and we are excited to show our appreciation.


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Marketplace: ✅

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