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I need more places to ride! Where can I find more?

The entire world is your playground, however we've built in an EXPLORE! feature right in the dash that allows you to visit some of the more popular spots. You can access it by engaging your Parking Brake.

If you still need more, here's a list of specific terrains for UTV vehicles in a concise format:

  1. Parallel 42 Scenes & Trails
  2. Off-Road Trails
  3. Sand Dunes
  4. Forests and Woodlands
  5. Mountains and Hills
  6. Rocks and Boulders
  7. Agricultural Fields
  8. Recreation Areas
  9. Beaches
  10. Deserts

It's easy to find these in Google Searches, Google Maps, Clearly Tough, or you can utilize paid apps such as OnX.


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