How do I get ChasePlane to ignore/exclude a specific sim?


Some users might want to disable ChasePlane on certain simulator for various reasons. 


In the v1.2 update, we have added the ability to ignore certain simulator and to prevent ChasePlane from modifying configuration files for that particular simulator.

  1. Open Orbx Central
  2. Uninstall ChasePlane (don't worry, your presets won't get deleted) and wait for the confirmation message.
  3. Create a file called ignore.txt in %appdata%\Parallel 42\ChasePlane\x.x.x\
  4. Open that text file and write the name of the simulator you want to ignore. (1 per line) Options are:
    • FSX
    • FSXSE
    • P3Dv2
    • P3Dv3
    • P3Dv4
    • P3Dv5

ChasePlane might still launch if you have Auto-Launch enabled but it will not connect to the simulator or modify its configuration.


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