UPDATE: Flow receives an update, and it’s about time…

UPDATE: Flow receives an update, and it’s about time…

Oh hi!

Time is one of those things we can’t seem to get enough of, and while we can’t promise you the fountain of youth…we can add a few hours of time to your lifespan.

HOW? Flow helps you save a click here-n-there and just about everywhere in MSFS, and it just got even better. Let’s get to the meat & little potatoes...

This update brings MSFS compatibility up to the current production build after World Update XIII. Additionally, Flow received a few handy new features that should add a few hours to your lifespan over time. These new features are under the interface section in Flow Settings.



  • “Skip to World Map” bypasses the “Main Menu” on sim load.
  • “Skip Ready to Fly” bypasses the redundant “Ready to Fly” screen.
  • “Focus on departure search in World Map” automatically focuses on the departure search when opening the World Map.


  • Now compatible with the current MSFS production build after World Update XIII
  • Fix for lat/long vs. numerical ICAO bug in the Portal window.


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