RELEASE: 777 Immersion V2 is ready for the PMDG 777 !

RELEASE: 777 Immersion V2 is ready for the PMDG 777 !

The PMDG 777 is one of the most popular aircraft in its category, and we’re excited to present this package which enhances it even further. Harnessing the power of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 and its enhanced shaders allowed us to leverage all-new tech in 777 Immersion V2. This package is compatible with the 2021 release of 777 in Prepar3D v4/v5. All effects can now track simulator variables and conditions; this allows each effect to be more accurate, organic, and realistic than ever before.

777 Immersion V2 is available today at the Orbx store for $20USD as promised in our price adjustment post. Also, I’d like to apologize to our customers for the discount not going live on time (damn time zones), but better late than never. The discount for V1 owners is now live, so If you own 777 Immersion V1, enjoy 25% off for the next 42 days!

Performance First

We’re simmers too, so we understand the delicate ecosystem of resources when considering add-ons. Our team of testers at Area 42 is comprised of various systems and levels of complexity, and a great deal of time has been spent on refining this package. Our goal was to walk a fine line between quality and performance, and we achieved just that!

Engine Condensation

It’s a cold morning at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, thick fog is present, and you can almost feel water droplets on your skin during a walk around. You’re running heavy and are cleared for departure. As the two GA-90 engines spool up, planespotters get a magical sight. A sight that you too can enjoy with the magic of 777 Immersion V2, engine condensation! Flip to an outside camera and watch as moisture develops into a visible “cloud” at the engine inlets. All five engine types received custom modeling for accurate engine condensation.

Jet Wash

Engine spray is an effect that was overlooked in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. For 777 Immersion V2, we went back to the drawing board. Latching onto newly available variables in-sim allows us to deliver our most accurate representation of Jet Wash yet. Departing with an outside view? Watch your 777 get lost in the mist…

Wing Condensation

Aircraft enthusiasts always want the window seat, and when we get it, we hope conditions are perfect for catching wing condensation. Now you can experience that in-sim; the higher the AOA, the more condensation you’ll see build on the wing. Rebuilt from the ground up and surrounded by research material, when creating this effect, the key was for it to feel organic and deliver excellent performance, done!


Friends don’t let friends use default contrails with PMDG aircraft! With 777 Immersion V2, we developed contrails that don’t just look right; they feel right! Weather variables affect what you see, and we’ve replicated the logic flawlessly; even wind will correctly affect them. At cruise? There’s no better time for long-distance screenshots; even better, catch the aircraft in a turn!

Volumetric Lighting

Our newest tech allows us to deliver a dynamic experience with 777 Immersion V2. Lighting will adjust to the simulator weather conditions, so the lower the visibility, the more intense the volumetric lighting will be. Each aircraft variant has correct lighting positions, so whether you’re in an ER model or Cargo, you’ll see the aircraft come alive with our custom lighting.

Fuel Jettison

Fuel dumping (or fuel jettison) is a procedure used by aircraft in emergencies before returning to the airport shortly after takeoff or before landing short of the intended destination to reduce the aircraft’s weight. We added realistic fuel jettison effects in 777 Immersion V2, all controllable via the 777 overhead panel.


Under specific weather conditions, circular patterns of rotating air form and trail behind some of the wing surfaces; these are referred to as vortices. Our effects received lots of new logic and improvements over V1, and they look more realistic than ever before.

+ More

You’ll also get new touchdown effects for hard landings, cold start engine smoke, condensation off nacelle strakes, and volumetric lighting from cockpit view in specific conditions. In rain conditions, you’ll see water droplets falling off the wing surfaces and fuselage, and a water vortex forms from the ground into the engine as you throttle up.


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