RELEASE: //42 Taboo for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: //42 Taboo for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Captain,

One afternoon while testing on Xbox and much to our dismay, not having a great time doing so, an idea came to light.

Imagine flying without the worry of sudden avionics blackouts (ABO's) or annoying micro-stutters — What if there was a tool that was like "godmode" for avionics!? Did you ever realize that most don't have power buttons? And if they did, it still doesn't release the memory on the back end!

On X-box consoles Taboo helps reduce the memory footprint of Microsoft Flight Simulator by letting you disable avionics on any aircraft. The reduction is MEASURABLE, and on a console it may be the difference between being able to use an aircraft, or not. This means fewer disruptions and better performance.

On a high-end PCremove non-essential avionics like co-pilot systems from the side of the aircraft you don't sit on, and increase your framerate at heavy hitting airports!

We built Taboo because we love the flight sim community and like all our utilities, wanted to make a tool that genuinely improves your experience. It’s easy to use, doesn’t permanently alter your aircraft, and gives you the control you need to keep things running smoothly.

With Taboo, you can bend the rules, and enjoy your flights without the usual skull crushing frustrations.