RELEASE: //42 SimFX for MSFS on PC & Xbox

RELEASE: //42 SimFX for MSFS on PC & Xbox

Hello Captain,

In August 2014, Keven Menard, Technical Director //42, released "PrecipitFX" under the "FSFX Packages" brand. It was a massive hit for FSX because it brought aircraft to life in the sim environment at a global scale. In the past ten years, we met, vibed on a scale that can only be described as parallel to the norm, and created Parallel 42 together. The rest is history.

Our company DNA is comprised of VFX and utilities. Our commitment to immersive environments is embedded in our company mission statement.

"In our search for total immersion, we often overlook the finer details that are missing in-sim. It's these important details that add the most to our experience.

42 is the answer."

Sometimes, we see comments like, 'I remember when these guys made planes; they waste their time on other things instead.' However, we've never been an 'airplane factory,' nor do we have any interest in becoming one; to be honest, it would bore us. Our true passion lies in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the aviation simulation world, and our product portfolio is a testament to that.

Similar to an Olympic gymnast performing a routine, our initial years in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been a dance routine across multiple categories. This intentional approach reflects how our company operates. We take immense pride in having secured top-tier products in everything from Aircraft to Scenery, Utilities, and even Freeware in the Marketplace.

Every move in this routine has been near perfect, and now it's time to execute the perfect landing with SimFX, a product that embodies our unmatched eye for detail and completes the full circle back to our roots in VFX.